World Trade Center’s New Look


The World Trade Center area of New York is always changing. The architects responsible for this area have definitely gone above and beyond with their current work and their future plans for the new tower. The new tower will be located directly next to 1 World Trade Center and their one of a king observatory.

2 World Trade Center will be the second tallest building at the site. It will be over 80 stories and reach heights of 1,340ft, while 1 World Trade Center stands tall at 1,776feet tall. The tower is expected to complete construction by 2021 marking the 20th anniversary of the September 11, attacks.

One of the big questions that recent was answered was, “who will the new tenants be?” 21st Century Fox and News Corp have in fact come out publicly and said they have the rights to the lower half of 2 World Trade Center. The companies will house 5,000 employees and grow the Murdoch kingdom.

Silverstein Properties released an amazing video detailing the new building and how it will change the skyline of New York city and complete one of the most important and integral areas of the city. Enjoy and thank you for reading.

-William Mungall